Your Turn

We’ve decided that we should let you have your say, so this page is all about you! You can chat about anything you want with each other. We’d also appreciate it if you could give ideas for upcoming vlogs (video blogs) such as our favourite books and we’ll do our best to meet your demands!

If you want to help us improve this website, then fill in the form below and we’ll love you forever!!!!



  1. I know! We were absolutley rubbish at the start – but who could blame us, we hadn’t a clue what to do! We were reading from a script becasue we were a bit nervous but now we realise that it just looks silly and rigid. Now we try to loosen up and not care as much about mistakes. x

  2. Josie said,

    Hey Lauren your website has improved so much!!!! The first time you made a video I have to be honest I didn’t think it was the best. But now you have done more to it,I think it’s very good!!

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