Ellie_and_Lulu here,

We would like to insure you are safe browsing and commenting on our blog. So to insure your safety please read through our Guidelines Below                                                      


Don’t leave any personal information (like your full name and address) as a comment. If you do this, it will be deleted for your safety. Please be respectful to the other users of the site, and remember some people reading may be younger than you. You will be asked to enter an email address before you are allowed to comment, but this address will not be shown on the site, or used to send you emails you don’t want.                                                            Remember ANYONE can see your comment

Age Range Guidelines

None of the posts here will contain any inappropriate content, but some topics will be more appropriate for your range of interests than others, depending on your age.

If you aren’t sure about something – ask an adult!

The Grown-Up Bit

Personal, offensive, or mean comments will be deleted. Commenters are asked to provide an email address to minimise spam: this address will be stored securely according to the Data Protection Act, it will never be given to a third party without your permission, and you will not receive unsolicited emails.

Be Safe!


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  1. If your worried about anything mentioned on this page.

    For advice see the websites below :

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