Fav’ Videos…

On this page, rather than seeing us on the videos, we’ll put videos that we love. If you wanna see one of your favouritw videos up here, just recommend them to us via comment box. Then we’ll check them out and, if we like them enough, pu them up so that the rest of the world can see them. We’ll even say who recommended them if you want!

P.S Please make sure that any videos that you recommend are available on the internet (preferably YouTube). x


I love the Smurfs, and therefore am totally obsessed with the movie. I thought that in the small chance that some of you haven’t heard of the smurfs I’d give you a little preview of the amazing wonder that is “The Smurfs Movie” 😛


This trailer is for Monte Carlo, starring the fabulous Selena Gomez! This video was recommended by Lauren’s lovely pen pal, Josie!


We ❤ Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging so here’s a video that we are in awe of. It’s the STIFF DYLANS!!!

Coming up is a film review on ATAPS so keep checking up on us!



  1. josie said,

    Hey its Josie! I recommend 27 dresses its a great film!

  2. Josie said,

    Hey Lauren it’s Josie remember me from Spain!!
    Anyway can you go on YouTube and listen to the sneezing panda please.
    I hope you like it by by
    Love you

  3. You can write any comment you want here. Recommend any video you want, we’ll check it out and if we like it enough, we’ll put it up for everyone to see! The video doesn’t have to be a movie trailer, it could be a music video, or anything you want!

  4. Josie said,

    Hey guys, it’s me again! I recommend Monte Carlo.

  5. Pollyanna said,

    I ❤ Smurfs x

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