April 22, 2013

New Blog

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Hi guys, this is just a quick note to say sorry we haven’t posted in like forever, and we”ve now started a brand sparkly new blog with our other best friend Jade, who was featured in our last video. Check it out at http://www.just-us-three-girls.blogspot.com! Its a slightly different style of videos, so we hope you like it! Maybe someday we’ll make another Ellie_and_Lulu video, but for now, goodbye! ❤


May 28, 2012

NEW This Month!

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Hiyahh Fans,

Why not enter our NEW quiz on our quiz page. It’s great fun and could get you a mention and your photograph on our blog. You now may also get a chance to be a member of our “VIP room!”

How to apply for a passcode:

To apply for a entry for the “VIP room”, please fill in the form found on the page “Apply for a passcode” explaining who you are applying for and why you deserve to be awarded with the Secret Passcode.

What you need to include with your Entry:

If you would like to show us something that you have created, you can either send us a website link or include photos of your creation with your form. (Please also include your full name, date of birth, and email address)

Group Entries:

If you are sending a group application, get one person to fill in the form for you and follow the instructions on the page. Meanwhile, the rest of you can think of a group name!


November 14, 2011

Drumroll Please!

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Drumroll please, here comes our very first post! This is just an introduction though, don’t get too excited. Don’t worry, more to come soon!

November 11, 2011

Hello world!

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We are just two ordinary girls (well mostly) happily living our lives. We both own iPads and on Ellie’s we create videos so that we can remember those weird moments of randomness in our lives. Then we decided to publish the to the whole world. The whole world. Not the cleverest moment, I have to say.