May 28, 2012

NEW This Month!

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Hiyahh Fans,

Why not enter our NEW quiz on our quiz page. It’s great fun and could get you a mention and your photograph on our blog. You now may also get a chance to be a member of our “VIP room!”

How to apply for a passcode:

To apply for a entry for the “VIP room”, please fill in the form found on the page “Apply for a passcode” explaining who you are applying for and why you deserve to be awarded with the Secret Passcode.

What you need to include with your Entry:

If you would like to show us something that you have created, you can either send us a website link or include photos of your creation with your form. (Please also include your full name, date of birth, and email address)

Group Entries:

If you are sending a group application, get one person to fill in the form for you and follow the instructions on the page. Meanwhile, the rest of you can think of a group name!



May 1, 2012

Double Lock Box Demo

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We learn’t how to make a Double Lock Box and thought that maybe some of you guys would like to make one as well! Decorate it how you want and keep secrets inside!