April 18, 2012

Olympic Fever

Posted in Sport tagged , , at 5:55 pm by Ellie and Lulu

It’s 100 days till the 2012 Olympics and we’ve got the Olympic Fever! We had a great time doing different events, so why not try yourself? Sorry, that the video is black and white – we had a little problem with the colour!

Make sure you check out the behind-the-scenes of Olympic Fever in the               Out-takes page!


April 12, 2012

Meet Snuggles

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Here is an intro to Lulu’s sweet pet guinea pig. She is a Rex Guinea Pig and her name is ‘Snuggles’.
We got her with her sister ‘Nibbles’ and she is now around 6. The Rex’s malt less than the normal guinea pigs but are just as friendly and cute.

Sorry that the video is in black and white, we had a small problemo with the colour. Snuggles is actually a light brown colour and the cage is made of wood.